Self Defense For Women


If you're seeking to empower yourself with the skills and knowledge to be able to defend yourself effectively, this is for you.

And, whether you're a seasoned martial artist, a Krav Maga practitioner, or someone who's completely new to this, you'll find answers, assistance, resources, inspiration, and information - right here.


Here's a short and punchy video that quickly demonstrates 5 powerful Krav Maga moves that you can learn, practice, and apply immediately. Get peace of mind, build confidence, and become an assailant's worst nightmare!



And, if you'd like to obtain some truly astonishing skills that anyone can learn quickly and easily, here's a full length, step-by-step video with narrated instruction, that will change your life:

Krav Maga Self Defense For Women


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THIS VIDEO teaches you a wide range of the simplest, most practical, and most powerful Krav Maga defenses to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Step-by-step instruction means the techniques are easy to learn and remember - and you get far more than just a set of physical techniques.

This must-have video includes:

  • Automatic awareness and avoidance techniques that enable you to spot danger and get away before you become a target.
  • How to engage the amazing power of your subconscious mind to become more alert without even realizing it.
  • Vital striking targets, and why they work - even against a bigger, stronger assailant.
  • Powerful vital target striking techniques that deliver incredible impact.
  • Escapes from grabs and holds, and instant counterattacks.
  • Escapes from chokes that are simple and powerful.
  • Escapes from bear hugs or body pins that are instantly effective.
  • Defensive techniques at extreme close quarters.
  • Defending against a rushing tackle.
  • Defending against commonly attempted abduction attacks.
  • Rape prevention and defense techniques on the ground.

You don't have to be strong, fit, or in shape to learn or practice these techniques, and this video is suited to women of all ages and physical conditions.

Learning effective, intelligent self defense skills changes the way you see the world around you. You become more confident, more purposeful, and more capable - and because your body language changes, you're far less likely to ever become a target.


When you purchase Essential Self Defence For Women, you also receive 3 detailed workbooks - 100% FREE!

The first free booklet gives you insider knowledge about how to develop incredible awareness and avoidance skills, and the other two show you how to develop unstoppable core strength, and how to cut through dietary confusion to get the fit, strong body you've always wanted.

This is information that enables you to transform your mind, your body, and your will, to become a smarter, stronger version of yourself.

Krav Maga awareness skills

Core strength for women

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Self defense for women krav maga

Should women train self defense differently to men? We say YES. Click here to read why.


If you want to become truly skilled, and master the basics of all-round powerful Krav Maga for beginners, this course is for you.

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Now, for the equivalent of only US$175, you can gain full access to the detailed, comprehensive Krav Maga Beginner Course taught in our Krav Maga clubs around the world!


Our 24-Module Krav Maga Beginner Course is a step-by-step, 66-video training course that teaches you the most important and powerful Krav Maga skills in the most intelligent and practical way.

What does that mean? It means that every one of the 24 modules contains a response to a specific situation, and teaches you how to apply Krav Maga techniques to neutralize the threat or attack instantly and effectively.

The situations we describe in these videos are the threats or attacks you are statistically most likely to face, based on factual law enforcement, security, and medical information - which means every technique you learn here is practical and has been proven in real life, and in literal life and death situations.


The techniques you'll be learning include:

Defenses and counterattacks against physical assault.
Vital targets and striking techniques.
Defenses and counterattacks against holds and chokes.
Disarming a handgun or knife in a holdup situation.
Defending and counterattacking against an aggressive knife attack.
Defending and counterattacking against a stick or bottle attack.
Safe, fast, effective rape defense techniques (single and multiple assailants).
Using a knife or bladed weapon for self defense.
Using a baton or impact weapon for self defense.
... and many more!

For 15 years now, we've provided training to tens of thousands of students. In addition to military, law enforcement, and executive security details, we've equipped thousands of women from every walk of life to defend themselves with extraordinary skill and power, and we've had dozens of success stories along the way.

Very simply, if you'd like to learn one of the world's most powerful and effective systems of self defense, then this is where you get the inside track. You don't have to be fit, or have any aptitude or experience - just start right now, where you are.

Get this course, and change your life in ways you didn't think were possible!

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When you purchase The Ultimate Krav Maga Course For Beginners, you also receive 3 detailed workbooks - 100% FREE!

The first workbook shows you how to use the most unexpected everyday items as devastating weapons of self defense, while the second gives you easy ways to train solo - yes, it is possible to train Krav Maga on your own!

The third workbook is the one that we get asked for more than any other - it teaches you how to develop incredible psychological power, and dominate an aggressor in a conflict situation. This booklet contains practical techniques and exercises that will utterly transform you and give you the ability to assert your will without even having to say anything.

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