24-Module Krav Maga Beginner Course

24-Module Krav Maga Beginner Course

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Our 24-Module Krav Maga Beginner Course is a step-by-step training course that teaches you the most important and powerful Krav Maga skills in the most intelligent and practical way.

What does that mean? It means that every one of the 24 modules contains a response to a specific situation, and teaches you how to apply Krav Maga techniques to neutralize the threat or attack instantly and effectively.

The situations we describe in these videos are the threats or attacks you are statistically most likely to face, based on factual law enforcement, security, and medical information - which means every technique you learn here is practical and has been proven in real life, and in literal life and death situations.

 The techniques you'll be learning include:

  • Defenses and counterattacks against physical assault.
  • Vital targets and striking techniques.
  • Defenses and counterattacks against holds and chokes.
  • Disarming a handgun or knife in a holdup situation.
  • Defending and counterattacking against an aggressive knife attack.
  • Defending and counterattacking against a stick or bottle attack.
  • Safe, fast, effective rape defense techniques (single and multiple assailants).
  • Using a knife or bladed weapon for self defense.
  • Using a baton or impact weapon for self defense.

... and many more!

For 15 years now, we've provided training to tens of thousands of students. In addition to military, law enforcement, and executive security details, we've equipped thousands of ordinary men and women to defend themselves with extraordinary skill and power, and we've had dozens of success stories along the way.

Very simply, if you'd like to learn one of the world's most powerful and effective systems of self defense, then this is where you get the inside track. You don't have to be fit, or have any aptitude or experience - just start right now, where you are.


Once you've signed up, it takes us a couple of hours to add you to our subscriber register. You'll get a mail asking you to click through and sign up, and once you do, you'll receive a launch mail with your first video links! New videos are sent weekly with modules for you to work through, and you can contact us anytime for support or assistance if you need to.

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